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With the rapid and disruptive innovations and advancements in IT led by technologies on cloud, AI, sensors (IoT), automation, and software, IT is at an inflection point in applying IT ways which was a possibility before this.

PragICTS offers comprehensive digital outreach services designed to expand digital reach through sensors, IoTs, various extensibility devices, and software. We aim to bring previously untapped areas into the fold for digital capitalization, driving innovation, enhancing performance, optimizing costs, scaling operations, improving oversight, and enabling automation.

PragICTS is well-positioned to deliver strategic value in this area due to our established and advanced capabilities in software engineering, IT operations, AI, cloud operations, cybersecurity operations, and automation. Our strategic partnerships with leading global companies further bolster our ability to spearhead advancements in this field.


Software development and support services. Web (including websites), Mobile and Rich Client Applications.

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Implementation, management, and support of ICT Infrastructure. On-site, remote, hybrid, and on-call service models.

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Provisioning, management, and support of cloud platforms. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and other third parties.

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IT Automation Services for the effective automation of IT Infrastructure including cloud infrastructure and IoT to minimize human error, effort, latency and enhance the optimal availability and performance of IT infrastructure

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Comprehensive Cyber Security Operation Services for oraginzation of all scales.

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  • Holistic and cohesive solutions and service delivery

    We can provide the complete solution or service offering to meet our client's needs

  • Technical Expertise Across Key Domains

    Technical Expertise Across relevant domains to articulate, design, and engineer comprehensive solutions that are cohesive and complete.

  • Global Tier 1 Technology Partnerships

    We have comprehensive and cohesive partnerships with global tier 1 companies in domains relating to sensors, IoT, wireless connectivity, etc. for solutions and services leadership.

  • Engineering And Delivery Track Record

    We have an impeccable track record in engineering and delivery as evidenced by our claims and statements.

  • Capacity For Tailored Solutions

    As every fingerprint is unique, so are the solutions and services to each client, project, and engagement. Our services and solutions are fully tailored to meet our customers' exact requirements.



Clients and Testimonials

Independently captured & verified client feedback through

  • Technomedics
  • Authenticities Sri Lanka
  • Biophilia
  • Colombo Picture Palace Glass
  • Unicorn Metalics
  • AGC
  • ToolsHub
  • Rigor

Technology Stack


  • Schneider
  • Python
  • Aws
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • Chatgpt
  • prometheus
  • grafana
  • linux
  • ansible
  • Salt
  • Milesight
  • LoRaWAN
  • JIYI
  • DJI
  • Alertmanager
  • Vutlan
  • XAG
  • Zabbix


Technology Partnership

  • synology
  • cisco
  • fortinet
  • eset
  • bitdefender
  • checkpoint
  • paloalto
  • lenovo
  • dell
  • hp
  • Datwyler
  • Extreme
  • Azure
  • Splunk
  • Schneider
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Juniper
  • F5
  • Tplink
  • Acronis
  • Dell EMC
  • Nessus
  • Qualys
  • Timik
  • Rapid7
  • Milesight
  • Vutlan
  • Netskope
  • Versa
  • Dji
  • Qnap
  • Ransnet
  • cortexXDR
  • logrhythm
  • logsign
  • netgear
  • pfsense
  • sentinelone
  • trendmicro
  • zscaler

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